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Issue 286

December 2007

Keith Moliné enters the old dark house of the Birmingham sextet to see how their obsessions with late night TV and East European cartoons animate their exotic experimental pop

Invisible Jukebox: Michael Gira
The Angel Of Light illuminates the darkest corners of The Wire's mystery record box. Tested by Mike Barnes

On the eve of the release of his second album, the dubstep producer grants Mark Fisher a rare face-to-face interview to discuss his sonic mythographies of South London

The Primer: Harry Partch
Brian Marley follows the hobo trails of the 20th century American composer and instrument builder to piece together a users' guide to his microtonal compositions on CD and DVD

Roxy Music
Author Michael Bracewell picks up where his Remake/Remodel book leaves off, to re-examine early Roxy Music's still thrilling crosswirings of pop, art and avant garde methods

Bruno Pronsato
How a former rock drummer transformed himself into an idiosyncratic House and Techno producer. By Philip Sherburne

Amir ElSaffar
The US based Iraqi santoor/trumpeter mixes blues and Arabic music in defi ance of the occupation. By Kurt Gottschalk

Lionel Marchetti
Dan Warburton speaks to the French composer whose cinema for the ears has reinvigorated musique concrète

Cross Platform: David Ellis
Anne Hilde Neset meets the Southern US artist who sends rhythms rippling through 'drum paintings' and trash piles

Global Ear
Daniel Neilsen finds tango returning to its savage roots in Buenos Aires

The ghosts of Mark Fisher's youth come back to haunt him in a Rufige Kru 12"

The Inner Sleeve
To Rococo Rot/Mapstation's Stefan Schneider on Another Setting by Durutti Column

Print Run
Moondog: The Viking Of Sixth Avenue by Robert Scotto; Aesthetics And Music by Andy Hamilton; Arpe Eolie And Other Useless Things by Mario Bertoncini; Enter Naomi: SST, LA, And All That... by Joe Carducci

On Screen
Negativland - Our Favourite Things (CD+DVD); Monitorpop - No 01 (DVD)

On Site
SKAN, Riga, Latvia; Happy New Ears Festival: Sound Of Music/Klinkende Stad, Kortrijk, Belgium

On Location
Glenn Branca, London, UK, Bernd Alois Zimmermann, Die Soldaten Bochum, Germany; Today'sArt, The Hague, The Netherlands; KTL & Dennis Cooper, Nottingham, UK; Interface, Berlin, Germany; Biosphere + Chris Watson + BJ Nilsen, London, UK; Patti Smith, London, UK

Soundcheck A-Z
A Bad Diana
Robert Ashley
Kevin Ayers And The Whole World
John Butcher
David Byrne
Carter Tutti
Consumer Electronics
Alvin Curran & Cenk Ergün
Rhodri Davies
Miles Davis
Kevin Drumm & Daniel Menche
Extra Golden
The Family Elan
Tim Feeney & Vic Rawlings
GF Fitz-Gerald & Lol Coxhill
Henry Flynt
Henry Flynt & Nova'Billy
Fripp & Eno
Heiner Goebbels & Alfred Harth
Max Goldt
Grupo Oba-Ilu
Brian Harnetty
Daniel Higgs
Hisato Higuchi
Ken Hyder's Talisker
Steve Jansen
Esther Lamneck & Claudio Lugo
Map Of Africa
Lasse Marhaug
Ole-Henrik Moe
Mostly Other People Do The Killing
The Necks
Silje Nes
The No Neck Blues Band
Uwe Oberg
Reformed Faction
Steve Reid Ensemble
Steve Roden
Ethan Rose
Ray Russell
Matthew Shipp
Sigur Rós
Six Organs Of Admittance
Sun Electric
Sun Ra
Akio Suzuki
Sword Heaven
Ghédalia Tazartès
Territory Band 6 with Fred Anderson
230 Divisadero
Various Achilifunk:
Gipsy Soul 1969–1979
Various Box Of Dub 2
Various Probidáo CV: Forbidden
Gang Funk From Rio De Janeiro
Various This Is For You Shits
Pam & Gary Windo
Michael Yonkers
Richard Youngs