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Issue 289

March 2008

John Butcher
This key player in the second wave of British Improv reinvents the saxophone via digital transformation, acoustic science and a heightened sense of space. By Philip Clark

Michael Hurley
Byron Coley plots the wanderings of America's neu-volk bohemian, from Greenwich Village and Folkways to The Holy Modal Rounders, cartoon wolves and Armchair Boogie

Sean Booth and Rob Brown reveal the intuitive processes and magical maths behind their latest Warp album, Quaristice. By Keith Moliné

Invisible Jukebox: Andrew WK
The US rocker, TV star and self-help guru parties till he pukes over The Wire's mystery record box. Tested by Marc Masters

Former Jackie-O Motherfucker member Honey Owens talks shamanic psychic exploration with David Stubbs

Brendan Murray
The Boston composer describes a musical commonwealth via delicately sculpted electronic toneworks. By Nick Cain

Baby Dee
Clive Bell meets the transgender street performer whose eccentric songs find favour with David Tibet and Antony

Cross Platform: Jed Speare
Working field and documentary recordings into socially resonant performance works, this unsung composer is a pioneer of multimedia presentation. By Dan Warburton

The Inner Sleeve
Stephen Malkmus on The Handsome Beasts

Global Ear
Jon Dale heads to Queensland to fi nd Brisbane's intermedia communities

Life's an Atari Teenage Riot for Simon Hampson

Print Run
The Rest Is Noise: Listening To The 20th Century, by Alex Ross
Autumn Leaves: Sound And The Environment In Artistic Practice, edited by Angus Carlyle
Ace Records, by David Stubbs
Bits Of Wood/Bouts De Bois, by Will Menter

On Screen
OtherFilm Festival 2007, Brisbane, Australia
The Phantom Carriage (KTL Edition) (DVD)

On Site
Chicks On Speed, London, UK
Faulty Optik & Mira Calix, London, UK

On Location
CHOPPA Eclectic Improvised Music Festival 2008, Singapore
Robert Hood, London, UK
John Russell & Henry Lowther + Chefa Alonso, & Tony Marsh + Alexander Hawkins Quartet, London, UK
Dälek, London, UK
Talibam!, Ulaan Khol

Soundcheck A-Z
Ammasu Akapoma Group
Andrea Belfi
Christopher Bissonnette
The Black Dog
Eivind Buene
Claro Intelecto
Clear Frame
Anthony Coleman
Carl Craig
Cultural Amnesia
Peter Cusack
Axel Dörner & Diego Chamy
Duo 7090
Food For Animals
MG Gregory
Michiel de Haan & Marc Spruit
Hamilton Yarns
Florian Hecker
Tim Hecker
Stephanie Hladowski
Hot Chip
François Houle/Joëlle Léandre/
Raymond Strid
Earl Howard
Sven-Åke Johansson & Michael Renkel
Gregg Kowalsky
Jason Kopec
Steve Lantner Trio
Ben Miller/Degeneration
Matthias Muche/Philip Zoubek/
Achim Tang
My Cat Is An Alien/Keiji Haino
My Cat Is An Alien/Steve Roden
My Cat Is An Alien/Text Of Light
Stephen O'Malley
Stephen O'Malley & Attila Csishar
Charlemagne Palestine
Kevin Parks & Joe Foster
Stefano Pilia
Eliane Radigue
Terry Riley
Sachiko M
Wolfgang Schliemann & Michael Vorfeld
Sonic Systems Laboratory
Kim Doo Soo
Jed Speare
Steamboat Switzerland
Strings Of Consciousness
Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra &
Tra-La-La Band
Ulaan Khol
Birgit Ulher/Ernesto Rodrigues/
Carlos Santos
Various: Asian Flashback
Various: Art Of Field Recording Volume 1
Trevor Wishart