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Issue 301

March 2009

In a revealing interview, Will Oldham tells Derek Walmsley about his invented personae and the wild frontiers of alternative Country

The electronic vocalist details her extraordinary life in contemporary music with John Cage, Morton Feldman, Alvin Lucier and more. By Julian Cowley

Cecil Taylor's rhythmatist of choice tells Andy Hamilton about the freedom movement in the 1960s and his more recent explorations of African roots

The American free jazz guitarist finds illuminations in our mystery record box. Tested by Phil Freeman

Edwin Pouncey hears how Black Metal is the inspiration for this Canadian duo's magick drones

The London based alto saxophonist tells Nick Cain how Art Blakey interferes with his dinner

There's more to the London based dubstepper than Hardcore nostalgia, argues Lisa Blanning

Former Special Jerry Dammers on the cosmic significance of Sun Ra

Michael Nyman & Carsten Nicolai, Wolfgang Müller, Siwa Reords, UK Funky

Maria Bakkalapulo meets a survivor of the Pol Pot regime keeping Cambodian folk music alive

Julian Cowley discovers Duchamp, Joyce and Burroughs in the Belgian label's vaults

Simon Reynolds on Philips's Prospective 21ème Siècle label

John Zorn: Tradition And Transgression by John Brackett
Charles Ives Reconsidered by Gayle Sherwood Magee
Experimental Music: Audio Explorations In Australia edited by Gail Priest

John Cage 49 Waltzes For The Five, Boroughs (DVD)
Miles Davis & Keith Jarrett, The 1971 Berlin Concert (DVD)

Ubiquitous Oscillations, Or Fourier Changed Our World, Berlin, Germany
Psychosomatic Acid Test, London, UK

Robert Ashley, New York, USA
Band Of Holy Joy, London, UK
Annie Gosfield, London, UK
Tony Conrad & Genesis Breyer P-Orridge,
New York, USA
Animal Collective, Brighton, UK
Tim Hecker/Wordless Music Orchestra, New York, USA
Goth Trad, Tokyo, Japan
People Band, London, UK

alva noto
Art Of Field Recording Vol 2 (1956–
Astral Social Club
Belbury Poly
Black Dice
Bonnie ‘Prince' Billy
Martin Brandlmayr/Werner Dafeldecker/
Christian Fennesz
Brethren Of The Free Spirit
Bill Callahan
Cornelius Cardew
Claro Intelecto
English Heretic
Evolutionary Jass Band
Luc Ferrari & Otomo Yoshihide
James Ferraro
Glass Candy
Scott Goodwin
Green Zone
Joe Grimm
Group Bombino
Hair Stylistics
PJ Harvey & John Parish
Robert Henke
Induced Musical Spasticity: Butte
County Free Music Society 25th
Lafayette Afro Rock Band
Okkyung Lee/Peter Evans/Steve
Sebastian Lexer & Seymour Wright
Greg Malcolm
Paul Metzger
Fabio Orsi
Adam Payne
Pop Ambient 2009
Regenorchester XII
Ritual And Education
Jack Rose
Round Black Ghosts 2
Keith Rowe
Keith Rowe & Taku Unami
Olaf Rupp
Sack & Blumm
Sci-Fi-Lo-Fi: Shoegazing 1985–2007
Michael Snow/Alan Licht/Aki Onda
Strings Of Consciousness & Angel
Various Production featuring
Gerry Mitchell
Alexander von Schlippenbach &
Eddie Prévost
Wicked Witch
Yahowa 13
John Zorn