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Listen: Q&A with Mark Fell and a recording of 64 Beautiful Phase Violations

March 2013

Listen to Mark Fell in conversation with The Wire's Jennifer Lucy Allan, on his 64 Beautiful Phase Violations installation at Salford Sonic Fusion Festival, and a recorded excerpt of the piece.

This weekend, Salford University's Salford Sonic Fusion Festival hosts an installation by Mark Fell. The piece, titled 64 Beautiful Phase Violations, uses the University's anechoic chamber, inside which is installed wave field synthesis hardware - an octagonal 64 speaker array.

The 12 minute piece (which uses the hardware of wave field synthesis but not the process) locates sounds in specific locations in the listener's immediate environment. Fell's installation includes Google translated French speech, and sounds so quiet they're only audible in the neutral acoustics of the anechoic chamber.

The installation is available to view until Sunday 24 March. More details, plus booking information here. Full event listing here.

(Please note, there are some sharp shifts in volume in the recording of the piece, this is part of how the installation is experienced in situ.)



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