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Issue 144

February 1996

Global Ear: Montreal
Vanguard cyber-pundits Arthur and Marilouise Kroker party all night with Scanner's death-head Ambient crash music

Rachel's Us lo-fi refuseniks turned salon classicists, Dr Nerve: The acceptable face of Prog

Five years after the release of the epochal Frequencies, the sub-bass Electro duo are back with an equally uncompromising follow-up. By Peter Shapiro

David Shea
Martin Denny, Morton Feldman, Hong Kong action movies, Bollywood soundtracks, Tex Avery cartoons, cult TV - David Shea samples the lot. By Clive Bell

Amon Düül II
Of all the great Krautrock groups, Amon Düül II were the most psychedelic, the most cosmic, and the most out of control. Edwin Pouncey meets the commune's surviving members in Munich, and hears some strange tales of counterculture madness.

Talvin Singh
Talvin Singh - percussionist, producer, club runner, collaborator with Björk, Sun Ra and FSOL- is on a mission: to ease the passage of black and Asian music into the wide world of global pop. By Rob Young

Evan Parker
For three decades, Evan Parker has boldly gone where no other musician has gone before. Rob Young finds out where he's headed after 50, and why he's collaborating with a new generation of electronic sound artists.

Test Department
Once the epitome of metal beating, post-punk Industrial culture, are Test Department now getting ideas above their station? By Paul Stump

Frank Zappa's The Yellow Shark
Ben Watson tells the story of Frank Zappa's 20 year battle to get his classical scores performed by hostile symphony orchestras, and how he found soulmates in Germany's Ensemble Modern

Invisible Jukebox: Goldie
Julie Taraska discusses 4 Hero, King Tubby, Public Enemy and more with Jungle's Lion King