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Issue 149

July 1996

The switched-on scientists of refried ectoplasmic future-pop tell Peter Shapiro the secrets of their success and the contents of their record bags

Paul Schütze
Meet the new generation of minimal composer, as he soundtracks the 20th century's drift into urban meltdown. By Rob Young

Breakbeat descendants
Rob Young investigates the strange, distorted sounds emanating from the bedrooms of Plug, Jake Slazenger, Squarepusher and Witchman

invisible Jukebox: Ice T
Mike Barnes gabs about Porno For Pyros, 2 Pac, Black Sabbath, Cybotron, Queen Latifa, Lightnin' Rod and more with the original gangsta

Global Ear: Paris
Jungle's bush telegraph drums up a storm on the banks of the Seine

His Name Is Alive 4AD's perverse pop plunderers, Ikue Mori Deathless drum machinist, Marque Gilmore Percussion discussions at 160bpm

How to you liven up performances of electronic music? Do what Atau Tanaka did: get hold of some top-flight music technology and wave your hands in the air. By Rahma Khazam

Derek Bailey
How did this pioneer guitarist of hairshirt Improv wind up recording albums of hardcore Metal and North London drum 'n' bass. Questions by Ben Watson

Otomo Yoshihide
Collaborations with John Zorn, Yamatsuka Eye and others have put this Japanese turntable terrorist in the frontline of Far East noie-culture. By Ed Baxter

Joe Zawinul
Fusion's head honcho has travelled a long way, from building accordions in war-torn Romania to forming Weather Report and composing symphonies for Philip Glass. By Howard Mandel