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Issue 216

February 2002

Richard Hell
25 years after defining punk's blank generation with Television and The Voidods, New York City's underworld chief has amassed a significant body of writing and poetry, but the freewheeling instinct remains strong. By Alan Licht

Gordon Mumma
The Sonic Arts Union founder recalls composing electronic works for the radical happenings of the 60s, inventing cybersonic consoles, detonating megaton blasts for William Burroughs and more. By Richard Henderson

Invisible Jukebox: Joëlle Léandre
The French bassist, improvisor and composer tries to tune into tracks by Giacinto Scelsi, Arthur Doyle, Pierre Boulez, Radu Malfatti, John Cage, George Lewis and more. Tested by Dan Warburton

Tangent: Music's lunatic fringe
You don't have to be mad to make music, but it helps. Ben Watson prowls the boundaries between insanity and creative eccentricity in the activities of Wild Man Fischer, the Klinker Club, the Mad Pride organisation and beyond

Keith Rowe in Central Africa: Festival de l'Eau
In November, guitarist Keith Rowe and other European improvisors took part in an unprecedented journey to perform with the pygmy orchestras of the Central African Republic. Rowe's exclusive diary tells what happened

Maxime De La Rochefoucauld
Dave Mandl meets Canadian composer Maxime Rioux, builder and conductor of an orchestra army of tiny robot-instruments

Andrew Broder makes the most of his Minneapolis environment and finding musical inspiration beyond Hiphop, finds Peter Shapiro

Philip Sherburne gets to the source of codebreaker and Laub-producer Antye Greie-Fuchs

Global Ear
Chuck Bettis reports from Washington DC, America's hardcore capital

Gary Lucas bids farewell to Popol Vuh's Florian Fricke

Print Run
In The Court Of King Crimson, by Sid Smith; Miles To Go: The Lost Years, An Intimate Memoir Of Life On The Road With Miles Davis 1973-1983, by Chris Murphy; Frank Zappa, by Carl-Ludwig Reichert

Ether Talk
Touch's Ringtones CD highlights the mobile phone industry's lack of imagination. By Anne Hilde Neset

On Location
.No Festival, Oslo Blå, Norway; Electrelane, London Arts Cafe, UK; Keiji Haino, Tokyo Showboat, Japan; Angels Of Light featuring Michael Gira + Calla, New York Bowery Ballroom, USA; Cornelius Cardew Day, London Conway Hall, UK; Kokoo, London Queen Elizabeth Hall/Spitz, UK