The Wire


Issue 259

September 2005

Richard Youngs
The naive shaman's rapturous DIY minimalism is re-energising the UK's free rock underground. By David Keenan

Hugh Hopper
The ex-Soft Machine bassist spools through his songbook and 40 years of tapeloop experiments with Julian Cowley

Ralf Wehowsky
The Selektion founder and P16.D4 pioneer recalls 25 years of international noise networking. By Dan Warburton

The Primer: Xenakis
Philip Clark gets his hyperbolic paraboloids in a twist over the Greek composer's rigorous body of work

Invisible Jukebox: Broadcast
The Birmingham duo try to identify the noise made by people like Ron Geesin and Kid606. Tested by Mike Barnes

Alexander Hacke
The Einstürzende Neubauten bassist discusses sonic travelogues with Louise Gray

Okkyung Lee
The New York based Korean cellist and composer reveals the secret of Nihm to Marc Masters

Tracy + The Plastics
Nothing is real in the plastic universe created by the live video shows of Wynne Greenwood. By Anne Hilde Neset

Global Ear
Daniella Cascella combs Milan's art fringes for underground Improv activity

Philip Sherburne reconsiders the relationship between record collecting and music making

Print Run
Christian Marclay, by Jennifer Gonzalez, Kim Gordon & Matthew Higgs; Visual Music: Synaesthesia In Art And Music Since 1900, by Kerry Brougher, Olivia Mattis, Jeremy Strick, Ari Wiseman & Judith Zilczer; Phonographies: Grooves In Sonic Afro-Modernity, by Alexander G Weheliye

Cross Platform
Alan Licht talks to the New York video artist Tony Oursler about his musical collaborations. Plus: CM Von Hausswolff's Beaconsfield exhibition, Six Sites For Sound and Soundtrack. Plus, The Inner Sleeve: Matthew Herbert on the horrors of Tangerine Dream

Version Festival, Newcastle, UK; CocoRosie, London, UK; Supersonic, Birmingham, UK; Liquid Architecture, Melbourne, Australia