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Issue 309

November 2009

Julian Cope
How the modern antiquarian, megalithic European and Odinist rock 'n' roll heretic orchestrates elegant chaos with his new group Black Sheep. By Rob Young

Cornelius Cardew
Philip Clark re-examines the legacy of the composer turned Maoist agit-propagandist whose graphic score Treatise questioned notions of control and freedom

Henry Threadgill
The player and composer behind Air, The Sextett, Zooid and more is still devising new strategies for his unusual ensembles. By Hank Shteamer

Peter Walker
The wandering raga-blues guitarist who soundtracked Tim Leary's acid tests has since absorbed flamenco into his roots repertoire. By David Keenan

Invisible Jukebox: Jim Jarmusch
The former Del Byzanteen turned film director who still moonlights with a rock group, Bad Rabbit, dips into The Wire's record collection. Tested by Alan Licht

The return of Boredoms drummer Yoshimi's female post-punk primitives. By David Hickey

Mordant Music
Baron Mordant's new album diagnoses SyMptoMs of a peculiarly British malaise. By Joseph Stannard

Cross Platform: Bernie Krause
Richard Henderson tracks the former Beaver & Krause synthesist's trail from Motown session player to critter-chasing field recordist

The transistor radio she received for her First Holy Communion became eight year old Susan Stenger's portal to a whole new world of sound

Bill Orcutt, Tanya Tagaq, Performa 09, Notations 21 and Improv downloads

The Inner Sleeve
William Bennett on Yoko Ono's Fly

Global Ear: Surakarta
Amid the din of central Java's capital, new forms of gamelan are rattling around. By Joseph Luna

Print Run
Hold On To Your Dreams: Arthur Russell And The Downtown Music Scene 1973–1992 by Tim Lawrence
The Velvet Underground: New York Art edited by Johan Kugelberg
White Light/White Heat: The Velvet Underground Day-By-Day by Richie Unterberger
The Jazz Composer: Moving Music Off The Paper by Graham Collier

On Screen
Katalin Varga (film)
Died Young, Stayed Pretty (film)
Am I Black Enough For You (DVD)

On Site
To Be Heard Is To Be Seen, Oslo, Norway
Le Grande Macabre, London, UK

On Location
Numusic, Stavanger, Norway
Ostrava Days, Ostrava, Czech Republic
Longplayer Live, London, UK
Max Eastley/Victor Gama, London, UK
Warp20, Sheffield, UK

Paul Abbott/Léo Dumont/Ute Kanngiesser
Derek Bailey & Steve Noble
Billy Bao
Burkhard Beins
Borah Bergman & Stefano Pastor
Antoine Beuger
Big Sexy Noise
Broadcast & The Focus Group
Jamie Coleman/Grundik Kasyansky/Seymour Wright
Alan Courtis/Bruce Russell/Eddie Prévost/Mattin
The Deadbeats
Arrington de Dionyso
Léo Dumont & Matt Milton
Mathias Forge/Phil Julian/David Papapostolou
Chris Forsyth
Ben Frost
Government Alpha
Brian Harnetty & Bonnie ‘Prince' Billy
Russell Haswell
Richard Hell
Tom Johnson
Leyland Kirby
Christina Kubisch
Piotr Kurek
The Naked Future
Joke Lanz & Rudolf
Lightning Bolt
Mordant Music
Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou
Bill Orcutt
Michael Parsons
Jessica Pavone
John Phillips
Michael Pisaro
Position Normal
Eliane Radigue
Roll Deep
The Slits
This Immortal Coil
Stefan Thut & Manfred Werder
Unica Zürn
Various: Rinse 10: Marcus Nasty
Various: Rocky Mountain Low: The Colorado Musical Underground Of The Late 70s
Various: Steppas' Delight 2
Walter & Sabrina