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Issue 366

August 2014

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St Vincent
The Tulsa born guitarist and songwriter’s restless anxiety derails and undermines conventional songforms. By Joseph Stannard

Trevor Wishart
The Yorkshire electronic music pioneer and vocal improvisor dreams up sonic theatres that channel the will of the people. By Andy Hamilton

Lee Gamble
The London producer hacks into the structures of reality to play games with distance and scale in sound. By Rory Gibb

The globe trotting beat-maker harnesses the sound of protest. By Robert Barry

Günter Schickert
The veteran krautrock guitarist channels the dark side of life into resurrected trio Ziguri. By Keith Moliné

Huddersfield sound systems
A new book tells the story of the Yorkshire town’s sound systems. By Steve Barker

Collateral Damage
Crowdsourced music creates the facade of community but only serves to divide composers and listeners. By Emily Bick

Cross Platform Sue Tompkins
Pop lyricism and mundane chatter provide the vocabulary for the UK artist’s dense word games. By Julian Cowley

Invisible Jukebox Bernie Krause
The field recordist and Moog pioneer adapts to the habitat of The Wire’s mystery record selection. By Frances Morgan

The Inner Sleeve
Jenny Hval on Masayoshi Sukita’s portrait of David Bowie

Wire’s Graham Lewis becomes a modern composer by vandalising a flexi disc

Print Run
New music books:
Ghosts Of My Life: Writings On Depression, Hauntology And Lost Futures by Mark Fisher
Dust & Grooves: Adventures In Record Collecting by Eilon Paz
Do Not Sell At Any Price: The Wild, Obsessive Hunt for The World’s Rarest 78rpm Records by Amanda Petrusich
Africa In Stereo: Modernism, Music And Pan-African Solidarity by Tsitsi Ella Jaji

On Screen
New films and DVDs:
I Am The Gorgon: Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee And The Roots Of Reggae DVD
Nick Speed Presents: One Day In Detroit Youtube

On Site
Recent exhibitions: Exploit.zzxjoanw.Gen USB stick

On Location
Recent festivals, gigs and clubs:
Donau Festival, Krems an der Donau, Austria
Celebrate Ornette! The Music Of Ornette Coleman featuring Denardo Coleman Vibe, Brooklyn, US
Tree, London, UK
Laraaji & Sun Araw + Patten + Bee Mask, London, UK
Electron, Geneva, Switzerland
The Space Lady + Dean Blunt + Wanda Group, Bristol, UK

Soundcheck A–Z
The A-Bones
Monty Adkins
Ed Askew/Joshua Burkett/Steve Gunn
Paul Baran
James Blackshaw
The Bug
John Cage
Philip Corner
The Dead C
Death Shanties
DJ Earl & Heavee
Electric Funeral
DJ Elmoe
Flava D
Reinhold Friedl & Dirk Dresselhaus
Gucci Mane featuring Migos
Gucci Mane featuring Peewee Longway
Gucci Mane featuring Young Thug
The International Nothing
Isnaj Dui
The Knife
Annea Lockwood
John Lund
Johns Lunds
Ian Middleton
Music Blues
Pharoah And The Underground
Dave Phillips
Urs Peter Schneider
Sei Miguel
Shabazz Palaces
Alexis Taylor
Various Balloon Needle & Compilation
Various Jahtarian Dubbers Vol 4
Wildest Dreams
The Columns

The Boomerang
Albert Ayler
Alien Brains
The Jimmy Giuffre 3 & 4
Philip Glass
The Group
Noah Howard Quartetto
Dexter Johnson And Le Super Star De Dakar
Leyland Kirby
Robert Rich
Various Lou Adler: A Musical History
Various The Tabu Records Box Set
Various Paink: French Punk Anthems 1977–82
Various Traces Three

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