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Bell Labs: Sole Music

March 2014

Clive Bells laces up his travellin' shoes and goes for a wander through the clips, clops and squeaks of footwear in music.

The Portal from Issue 361

Ellen Fullman's Portal

February 2014

The inventor of the long string instrument joins forces with her partner and collaborator Theresa Wong in selecting her top websites. Fullman is in The Wire 361 Invisible Jukebox, tested on the sounds of treehoppers, Memphis gongs and the search for resonance.


Yan Jun: Thanks For My Chinglish

January 2014

Writer, musician and Sub Jam label runner Yan Jun tells a story about Chinglish music and what happens when the King Kongs and Godzillas of world music collide.

The Portal from Issue 359

South African Jazz Portal

January 2014

Francis Gooding, reviewer of the recently published book Keeping Time 1964–1974: The Photographs And Cape Town Jazz Recordings Of Ian Bruce Huntley, shares online resources on the South African jazz scene.


Bell Labs: Ear To The Rail

December 2013

All aboard with Clive Bell: "Musicians love trains. They sing about them, imitate their sounds, and scamper, instrument in hand, for the last departure homebound after a show."