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Phil England: Only Four Degrees

January 2016

Has the trend towards cautious messaging drained our culture of art that confronts us with the brutal reality of the choices we face? asks Phil England


Bell Labs: Here Be Dragons

October 2015

Wagakki Band deploy traditional Japanese instruments at dazzling speed to stay ahead of the future, says Clive Bell

Book Extract

Deconstructing Violence In Grime

October 2015

If you can’t mess with time don’t do grime, writes Wire Editor Derek Walmsley in Seismographic Sound: Visions Of A New World, a book recently published by Norient

The Portal

Archive Portal: Steve Mackay

October 2015

The fourth of our series of posts shining a light into the darker recesses of The Wire's online archive of back issues. Derek Walmsley recommends Edwin Pouncey's article from December 2006 on the late saxophonist Steve Mackay.