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A-Z Of Electro

March 2011

In its original incarnation, Electro was black science fiction teleported to the dancefloors of New York, Miami and LA; a super-stoopid fusion of video games, techno-pop, graffiti art, silver space suits and cyborg funk. Now that Electro is back, David Toop provides a thumbnail guide to the music that posed the eternal question: "Watupski, bug byte?" This article originally appeared in The Wire 145 (March 1996).


Quiet storms: Toshiya Tsunoda

January 2011

Read an extended version of Will Montgomery's Cross Platform article on Japanese sound artist Toshiya Tsunoda, master of the art of field recording.


The Primer: Field Recordings

June 2008

An occasional series in which we offer a beginner’s guide to the must-have recordings of some of our favourite musicians (and music). This month, Richard Henderson enters the preternatural realm of field recordings. This article originally appeared in The Wire 168 (February 1998).


Derek Bailey remembered

January 2006

A full collection of tributes to the late musician, including a number of pieces which were not published in the magazine.


Dub Drunk

Web only Epiphany by The Wire's intern Imogen Decordova