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Listen: Jeremiah Cymerman compositions

September 2014

Listen to a selection of compositions by the musician and sound engineer Jeremiah Cymerman, featured in The Wire 368.

Bill Meyer writes about the New York City based clarinettist and sound engineer in The Wire 368: "His playing is close kin to that of trumpeters Peter Evans and Nate Wooley; he uses close amplification to exaggerate pops of spittle and whooshes of air, and an array of effects to magnify long, pure tones into massive swipes of sound smudged with analogue grime and flecked with digital grit. But he also does live sound, and has recorded albums by Evans, Wooley and avant metal group Kayo Dot. Cymerman’s own discography, which includes releases on Tzadik, Peira, Porter and his own 5049 Records, encompasses unamplified free improvisation, chamber music for strings and electronics, William Basinski-inspired loops, and blown out studio creations that merge extended reed and brass techniques with the crushing, airless sonics of black metal."

Read notes written by Cymerman for this selection of his music:

Jeremiah Cymerman/Brian Chase Duo
"Practice Space Recording, 2010"
From November 2010 to March 2011 Brian Chase, the incredible and virtuosic drummer from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and I would meet every Sunday at my rehearsal space in Greenpoint and improvise with amplified clarinet and drumset. We would then drive to Flushing, Queens and burn our faces off with Szechuan food. We have hours and hours of recorded music that has never been released.

Jeremiah Cymerman/Evan Parker/Nate Wooley
Recorded 22 September 2013, live at The Stone, NYC. Nate is my brother and Evan is a long time hero of mine. To be able to perform with these giants among men was truly an honor.

Tartar Lamb II
"3rd Movement"
from Polyimage Of Known Exits
(Ice Level Music)
While this piece is taken from an officially released record, it is my belief that due to the album being self-released, it went woefully unnoticed. Polyimage Of Known Exits is the result of a long term collaboration with one of my dearest friends and favorite living composers, Toby Driver. There's a lot of pain in this music and this recording stands as one of my proudest moments.

"The Killer Inside Me"
Unreleased recordings made at New York City's Roulette, summer 2012.
Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet, electronics) Toby Driver (piano) Mario Diaz de Leon (guitar). During the past 10 years of making music in NYC, Jim Staley and the team at Roulette have provided me with an incredible amount of support, encouragement and opportunity. Summer 2012 I was generously given a weeklong residency during which time I worked with two bands to rehearse, record and perform. The first document of that period was my 2013 record, Sky Burial with Peter Evans, Nate Wooley and Matt Bauder. The second was an improvised trio with two of my favorite living composers, Mario Diaz de Leon and Toby Driver. None of a the recordings from that session have yet seen the light of day, something which I hope to correct in 2015.

Jeremiah Cymerman Ensemble
"Six Blocks"
Recorded live at Roulette, 10 April 2009.
Featuring Jeremiah Cymerman (bass clarinet) Nate Wooley (trumpet) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Christopher Hoffman (cello) Tom Blancarte (bass) Harris Eisenstadt (percussion). Another Roulette recording, this one is from 2009 when I premiered my electroacoustic string quartet "Under A Blue Grey Sky". The second set that evening was devoted to a series of graphic scores that I had composed from 2006–2007, written specifically for the ensemble heard here. There is no greater joy than writing for friends and I love the people heard on this recording.

Jeremiah Cymerman, Evan Parker and Nate Wooley's collaborative album, World Of Objects is released by 5049.

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