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Listen: Global Ear post-quake Christchurch compilation

December 2012

Stream a selection of tracks by artists covered by Jo Burzynska in The Wire 347 Global Ear, looking at the New Zealand city's post-quake experimental music scene.

Stanier Black-Five & Malcolm Riddoch
"Body Waves"
A live infrasonic performance using recordings of earthquakes and seismic phenomena made by Stanier Black-Five at the epicentre of the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake. Performed in collaboration with Malcolm Riddoch’s low frequency electroacoustic feedback at Massey University’s Great Hall, Wellington NZ in July 2012.

Peter Wright
"Somewhere Between Forest and Sky"
From the LP Let's Hide Under The House Until They've Gone (Bass Frequencies), whose track titles were inspired by the earlier, less devastating September 2010 earthquake in the region. Wright was listening to a test pressing of this at the moment the February 2011 earthquake struck.

Bruce Russell
"The Fourth Movement"
Solo Dictaphone feedback improvisation recorded at a free community basement gig in Lyttelton, NZ 2011.

IRD - Infernal Residue Depasture
"Saturation Point (re-point ed)"
Cassette mix of dictaphone recordings featuring pine cones, paint cans, other percussion and rainwater collection post-quake.

Adam Willetts
"Live at 375 Hereford Street 27 April 2012"
Recorded live at a gig in the garage of fellow local musicians, God Destroyer at a time when there were no official venues supporting experimental music in the city.

Greg Malcolm & Chris O'Connor
"Live at the Audio Foundation, Auckland 10/10/12"
A collaborative performance between earthquake exile, Greg Malcolm (guitars) and Chris O'Connor (drums) on a bill with Heather Leigh. “One of the pros of moving north has been getting to continue our duo performances. This was a good crowd for a Wednesday too.” – Greg Malcolm.

Antony Milton
"Tectonic Study"
from Moon Man No No No
An unfinished track inspired by the bassy shuddering of the September 2010 earthquake. “Given what was to follow a few months later – a larger quake that killed nearly 200 people – and the disconcerting intermittent tumult we all experienced over the ensuing months, I found myself unwilling to finish this track. But an incomplete work is perhaps says more in this instance?” – Anthony Milton (bass guitars, oscillators)

Reuben Derrick
"Remains" documents the singular and ephemeral soundscape of the abandoned suburb of Bexley, Christchurch as it waits for its future demolition and nature thrives. It utilises sounds found at Bexley and the adjacent estuary. Inside the partially collapsed houses along Seabreeze Close moss grows on the silty remains of the earthquakes and drafts activate sounding objects as they sweep through gaping cracks and broken doorways.

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