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Listen: tracks from Newcastle, NSW

May 2013

Listen to a selection of tracks by artists featured in Cooper Bowman's Global Ear article on the no-brow Noise activities in Australia's Newcastle, in The Wire 352. Tracks annotated by Bowman below:

Cock Safari
“We Don’t All Sniff Petrol”
from We Don’t All Sniff Petrol, Fuck Off
(Magik Crowbar CD-R)

There are a lot of great Cock Safari recordings to choose from, especially from this period, but 2009's We Don’t All Sniff Petrol is essential. This is the first of two tracks of harsh tape loops and samples, and is recorded with a higher fidelity than most Newcastle Noise is usually afforded.

“Live Excerpt”
(unreleased, recorded live at Newcastle, NSW's The Pharmacy by Power Waters)

As well as Enak and Dingbats, Kane Ewin added another handle to his CV this evening in February 2013. And pisstank he did, having to be poured out of The Pharmacy following this set comprised of home-manufactured electronics, reel to reel loops and pure monkey genius moulded into uniquely rhythmic ooze. This recording is not close to doing the event justice either.

LA County Morgue
“Live Excerpt”
(unreleased, recorded live at Newcastle, NSW's The Pharmacy by Power Waters)

Due to the consideration involved in its genesis, this set by Jarrod Skene’s LA County Morgue project (on the same night as Pisstank's, above) was far more precise and considered than many of those who regularly appear on the Improv circuit.

The Mermaids
“Greetings In Three Languages II”
from Ferret
(Grog Pappy)

The Mermaids are strange creatures. This track is a harmonious loop of synth and tape, compared to their other work. If you want to investigate their other work, I recommend Calming Shit. It's a recent triple CD-R release comprising the phrase “calming shit” being spoken over various sounds for three hours.

(unreleased, recorded live at The Pharmacy's Mazurka Editions #2 event)

From what I can hear and was later told, here Bleak are using similar equipment to what I described them using in my Global Ear article (The Wire 352): tapes and the insides of a piano with contact mics attached. No sonatas being played on this March night. Instead it has a man named Power battering away with a variety of tools. Listen to that roar of adoring applause at the conclusion for an insight into Newcastle show attendance.

Unknown Artist
“Two Excerpts”
from Untitled
(Grog Pappy)

This track is taken from an extremely limited (four copies) Grog Pappy cassette released last year (10.7, part of their tenpointsomething series). A sticker on the case is the only info for the release. It reads: "who made it and where it’s from will forever remain a mystery". My guess is that it possibly involved Michael Liestins, Nicholas French, Nick Senger, Kane Ewin and/or some others and was recorded either at Newcastle venues Vox Cyclops or The Pharmacy. There is no guarantee though.