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Listen: Seymour Wright tracks

February 2009

Listen to exclusive tracks featuring alto saxophonist Seymour Wright, featured in The Wire 301 in an article by Nick Cain.

Track 1: "Wright Indeed! (After Lee Morgan & Biz Markie)" Seymour Wright: alto saxophone solo. Recorded by John Lely, Goldsmiths College, London 2003.

Track 2: "Blase" Sebastian Lexer on piano and Seymour Wright on alto saxophone. Recorded: Sebastian Lexer, Trinity College, Greenwich, London 2008.

Track 3: "SUM, A Total Jazz Experiment" Ross Lambert on guitar, Eddie Prévost on drums and Seymour Wright on alto saxophone. Recorded: Ross Lambert, Borough, London 2008.

In Seymour's own words: "The solo piece is one of the very first I recorded, it is hitherto unreleased. The duo with Sebastian is an unreleased third piece from the same recording session as our duo record, Blasen, on the Another Timbre label (reviewed in this month's issue); the trio piece is an (unusually brief) example of the ongoing 'total jazz experiment' of SUM - Ross Lambert, Eddie Prévost and myself."