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Global Ear: Delhi tracks

April 2014

Listen to a selection of tracks by artists mentioned in Josh Feola's The Wire 363 Global Ear article about Hauz Khas Village in Delhi, India

Josh Feola writes: "Delhi has the most live music venues of any Indian city. About 50 are packed into the narrow streets of Hauz Khas Village, a medieval Islamic complex that has evolved into a magnet for luxury shopping and entertainment over the last five years. My first view of the Village comes from the terrace of Karan Singh’s sixth floor walk-up, which doubles as the practice space for his group Peter Cat Recording Co and an unlicensed DIY venue known as The Penthouse. The Penthouse, with its resident crew of rock musicians and bedroom producers, is physically and conceptually removed from Hauz Khas’s polyphonic buzz of clashing sub-bass rattles. It is not, however, immune from a constant plague on the Delhi live music scene: uniformed intervention."

Peter Cat Recording Co
"Love Demons"

Peter Cat Recording Co
"And A Now"


"Ginsberg+Gotan-The Sunflower Sutra"


Audio Pervert

"Minimum City"



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