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Listen: Stefan Jaworzyn music

January 2014

Listen to several unreleased tracks by noise guitarist, improvisor and extreme film connoisseur Stefan Jaworzyn, featured in an article by Edwin Pouncey in The Wire 360.

Pouncey writes: "After 17 years of self-imposed solitude, the former Skullflower guitarist, writer and composer of numerous fractured and blackened improvisational works has decided to resurrect Shock – the label he set up in 1989. During its initial seven year lifespan, Shock bombarded the senses with a disparate roster of extreme metal grinders, shamanic alt rockers and several ugly, hairy groups from various parts of the world, as well as his own music. Shock was his platform for Skullflower’s post-Broken Flag recordings and later the free jazz inspired improvisational guitar workouts he recorded with drummer Tony Irving as Ascension, and with saxophone player Alan Wilkinson as Descension."

Stefan Jaworzyn’s Eaten Away By Shadows, “The Fucker” 12", “Bilharzia” 12" and Skullflower’s KINO I–IV are released by Shock; his Drained Of Connotation and The Annihilating Light are released this month by Blackest Ever Black and Kye respectively.


great new lp by stefan on trensmat -

Will the 'unfinished' tracks ever see the light of day? The third one, in particular, is excellent.

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