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Mark Fell's Portal

December 2008


The web's most extensive mathematical resource, provided as a free service to the world's mathematics and internet communities as part of a commitment to education and educational outreach by Wolfram Research.

Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy

Baxter says: "As I get older I find I can't keep philosophical ideas in my head so easily. This is obviously brilliant, an intellectual gold mine, an invaluable aide memoire – and an education."

vvvv: A Multipurpose Toolkit

"vvvv is a toolkit for real time video synthesis. It's designed to facilitate the handling of large media environments with physical interfaces, real-time motion graphics, audio and video that can interact with many users simultaneously."

Teeming Void

"[...] 3d, advertising, aesthetics, AI, architecture, arrays, art, art history, artificial life, artist, audiovisual, australia, avantgarde, biology, books, canberra, cellular, automata, census, china, cinema, code, conference, critique, cybernetics, data, dataesthetics, dvd, education, embodiment, emergence [...]"


Society For Science On Form's official journal


"a web based collaboration platform edited by hiaz (Mathias Gmachl) to share ideas and document work in progress."

Subterranea Brittanica

"...Formed in 1974, Subterranea Britannica is a society devoted the the study and investigation of man-made and man-used underground places."


"Indexhibit is a web application used to build and maintain an archetypal, invisible website format that combines text, image, movie and sound."

Paulseen's Found

"FFFFOUND! is a web service that not only allows the users to post and share their favorite images found on the web, but also dynamically recommends each user's tastes and interests for an inspirational image-bookmarking experience"

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