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The Durian Brothers Portal

July 2013

Sound poet and lecturer Marc Matter, furniture designer and musician Stefan Schwander and artist Florian Meyer meet for a day at a time to record as The Durian Brothers. The trio, releasing on Fat Cat Records and featured in the July issue of The Wire, share an index of manifestos, neologisms and more.

Florian Meyer: This is an index of manifestos, a really interesting form of literature. Their main advantage is the fact they make a point, and therefore are more likely than any other literary form to trigger discussion, dispute and argument. Their concepts remain in motion and their meaning an object of discourse, instead of being grounded in – or buried under – an elaborate construct of ideas. Directed towards a specific goal rather than being concerned with the analysis of something, they tend to be examples of active energy rather than reactive energy like Nietzsche would call it.

Design Boom
Stefan Schwander: A platform for the newest ideas in design, architecture and art. The best thing is, when the three disciplines get mixed: for example, a bench looks like a building, or a piece of art is designed as big as a house or when a building resembles your wardrobe or a shelf. Mixing elements that belong to different periods and regions can give life to something interestingly new. This is also the concept behind our music.

Florian Meyer: I find this website really handy when the graph paper shop around the corner is already closed and you don't have the time to draw it yourself - or need some decoration for your living room! I love this page!

Marc Matter: Through my work with conceptual poetry and sprachkunst (language-art) I got obsessed with neologisms and any kind of invented words and languages. I am looking forward to the day I’ll meet people suffering from neolalia (those who use mostly neologisms). You can even contribute your own neologisms to this website.

New American Radio
Marc Matter: This website is a collection of experimental radio pieces, voice acrobatics, sound poetry etc. It includes pieces by Alvin Curran, Diamanda Galas, Brenda Hutchinson, Shelley Hirsch, David Moss, Christian Marclay, Negativland, Hildegard Westerkamp and dozens of others, most of them originally produced for radio, which makes a difference with regards composition. And most of them haven’t been released on record.

TV Tropes
Florian Meyer: Very useful and entertaining tool for the dedicated film analyst, providing all kinds of tropes commonly used in moving pictures from theater to television, nicely archived in an ever growing database. It is particularly useful if you want to direct your own movie and are in need for some stereotypes – or if you consider yourself very original and need some reality check!

Whitney Music Box
Florian Meyer: Experimental film maker John Whitney explored different concepts of visual harmony he derived from music analysis. He always tried to distil mathematically employable formulas, which in turn made his concepts usable in applications. The website hosts tons of applications which link these concepts back to harmony and rhythm – but still keep their hypnotic visual component. They’re inspiring and entertaining and can even be seen as moving healing pictures – nearly as good as those created by Emma Kunz.