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November 2008

No Condition Is Permanent

"This is my cobweb-covered blog. When I’m not working, more entries appear. Unfortunately for the blog (but good for fiscal solvency), I’ve been busy with film work this year. But there will be more, I promise..."

ýlowek scavel-cronek

"I examine this site daily and am amazed just as often by the variety and rarity of the vinyl treasures collected here. Many gems culled from the breadth of the black equatorial diaspora."

World Service

"Rare video clips, plus 45rpm singles and EP’s brought into the digital domain."


Hi Richard, thank you for your article about my Album , La Gigantona, from Numero Group.

I just performed at the Rio Loco Festival in Toulouse, with great success, la Gigantona is live and well.

I am releasing my new album soon, To Blues Or Not To Blues. It will be released in London, and I will send you one of the first copies. I would love to receive an email from you, so I can get the address where to send it.

Alfonso Lovo

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