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Simon Reynolds's Toopographical Portal

March 2012

Peruse Reynolds's web link Toopology, accompanying his feature "Tales From Toopographic Oceans" that looks at the cultural politics of his fellow author and critic, David Toop, in The Wire 338.

An interview with the curator and critic Nicolas Bourriaud at Frieze magazine As explored in Postproduction and particularly in his most recent book The Radicant, Bourriaud’s interest in translation, the exotic, and what he calls “the viatorization of art forms” (in response to the effects of increased mobility, migration, cheap air travel, the Internet, etc) have obvious applications to Toop’s own work as a critic and curator.

An interview with Jon Hassell by Perfect Sound Forever’s Jason Gross In which Hassel’s concept of Fourth World music, a big influence on Toop, is discussed along with issues related to exoticism. See also the archive of interviews with and pieces by Hassel here.

Kid Shirt A twist on the Hassell concept, “5th World” is the coinage of mysterious blogger Kek-W and a topic he regularly returns to toy with some more at his Kid Shirt blog. But here is a specific post (at the blog’s old location) where he unpacks the idea.

Nomadic Utopianism An interesting blog exploring the intersection of politics, philosophy and music, by the unidentified author of the forthcoming book The Shape Of Utopia To Come: Improvising Music and Nomadic Politics.

Your Heart Out Online HQ of the free e-zine by Kevin Pearce. Although the taste coordinates don’t overlap that much, the approach is very Toopy: an endless obsessive remapping of music’s past, unlikely through-lines cutting across the archival space of global pop, or in Pearce’s words, “making unexpected connections... zooming off in a new direction to explore whatever turns up.” As well as past issues that you can find here, YHO hosts mixtapes ranging from Greek New Wave to South Korean psychedelic soul. See also the companion blog Anywhere Else But Here Today.

Adventures in Sound And Music: 20 October 2011: Music from the Lost Worlds special A programme originally broadcast on Resonance FM, with Toop in dialogue with Derek Walmsley and a soundtrack of ethnomusicological treasure.

A couple of Toop’s 1980s articles on hip hop and house for The Face Archived at what appears to be, in part, a UK style magazine fan site.

And finally, two tangentially-related pieces by me A 2000 essay on hybridity versus purism, multiculture versus monoculture, and a 2011 article on “xenomania” in the hip music scene.

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