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Ashley Paul Portal

April 2013

Follow Ashley Paul's top choice picks of the web. The US multi-instrumentalist was featured in The Wire 350, in an interview with Nick Southgate.

Gretta Johnson
The incredible drawings and animation of Gretta Johnson. Beautiful and a little grotesque, her work feels simple and highly developed at once, a favourite combination of mine. See her publication Star Fruit and watch the video she animated last year for my track “Leave Mine” from my solo album Slow Boat.

Rare Youth
Rare Youth collects artefacts from Geoff Mullen’s daily life along with snippets of Providence happenings, artwork, music and his calendar. This website truly captures Rhode Island. I’m really interested in his collages of rocks and trees and “Accidental Guitars” music.

Duke Ellington feat Johnny Hodges "Passion Flower"
I have transcribed and revisited several versions of Hodges playing "Passion Flower" over the years. It is one of my all time favourites. Actually seeing, rather than just hearing these two musicians in action makes a very special experience. As Eli Kesler’s grandfather always said about Duke, he's "a real class act."

C Spencer Yeh on Japanese Noise
I was accidentally playing this at the same time as the above Hodges video, and found it was beautiful...highly recommended. You can stream here an amazing collection of Japanese Noise, a hand-drawn ‘thinking through’ diagram and some thoughts compiled by the wonderful C Spencer.

This is a time-lapse photography of the Love-in-the-mist flower. Over the past years I have become an obsessive gardener. I begin thinking about planting in March and spend most daylight hours out in our small Brooklyn backyard growing things from April to November. My friend Anna Mulligan has given me many great garden and flower tips over the years, but one of my favourites is the Love-in-the-mist flower. It is otherworldly.

Eli Keszler: Collecting Basin
The scale of Keszler’s Collecting Basin installation stretches the reach of eyesight. In it, piano wires are installed hundreds of feet across water basins and when they’re being struck they slowing resonate up and out a deep rumble. I didn’t get to see this live, although I do wish I had. This video gives a glimpse.

Sara Magenheimer, Mickrys
I have long been a fan of Sara’s work as a musician in the bands Flying and WOOM, but only recently did I become more aware of her visual art. This video makes me smile.

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