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The Portal from Issue 336

ICES 72 and Harvey Matusow Portal

January 2012

Find out more about Harvey Matusow, American ex-Communist and McCarthy collaborator-turned-avant garde impresario. Matusow promoted the International Carnival of Experimental Sound (ICES) at London's Roundhouse in 1972. ICES 72 – which involved AMM, John Cage, Cornelius Cardew, Annea Lockwood, Steve Beresford, Lol Coxhill, David Bedford, Charlotte Moorman, Penny Rimbaud and many more – is featured in an article by Julian Cowley in The Wire 336.

The Portal from Issue 297

Unofficial Channels Portal

November 2010

"Each album is made using free software at every stage of its production – that is, software which can be modified and freely redistributed, with the proviso that users must be able to continue to customise the code..." – from Keith Moliné's Unofficial Channels article in The Wire 322