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February 2010

Nathan Boyer

"Two brilliant sites by one of my oldest friends, visual artist and video designer Nathan Boyer. Make sure to check out Dr. Skullface and Enter The Dragon, both absurdly hilarious." Taylor Ho Bynum

Amani Willett

Website of the artist and photographer Amani Willett. Site contains images from his various projects and reportage photography taken around the world. I find his photographic compositions very musical. Tomas Fujiwara

"This is an astrology website that among other things, calculates and draws birth charts. I have over one hundred and fifty charts stored in this site of friends, family, colleagues and events that I reference regularly." Jessica Pavone

Rachel Bernsen

"My favorite dancer and choreographer. (I won't pretend to be unbiased, I am also married to her, but I still think her work is striking and austerely beautiful)" Taylor Ho Bynum

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