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Hanna Tuulikki Portal

April 2012

Follow Hanna Tuulikki's choice selection of links. Tuulikki is featured in an article by Clive Bell in The Wire 338.

Voices That Inspire This ongoing photo album is dedicated to women vocalists and heroines who have inspired me to explore my own voice with Nalle, Two Wings and beyond.

David Dunn: "Nature, Sound Art and the Sacred" (2001) "When we look at the world, our sense of vision emphasizes the distinct boundaries between phenomena... the experience of listening is often one of perceiving the inseparability of phenomena... While we often see something as distinct in its environment, we hear how it relates to other things." Whether singing harmonies with friends or longing to somehow lose my 'humaness' and become a bird, I often return to this quote by David Dunn because I feel that it is through sound, music (and listening) that I can make a meaningful connection and relationship with others – human or otherwise.

Theodore Levin and Sound Mimesis This article touches on some of the ideas in Levin's book Where Rivers And Mountains Sing which investigates music and sound making by the nomads of Tuva and other parts of Inner Asia. I am particularly interested in the notion of 'sound mimesis' which Levin describes as "the use of sound to represent and/or interact with the natural environment and the living creatures that inhabit it" and the way in which this traditional sound and music making form part of a spiritual relationship with the natural environment.

Tobar an Dualchais – Kist o Riches I am currently working on a new vocal composition "Away with the birds/Air falbh leis na h-eòin" that explores sound mimesis in traditional Scottish music. I have been researching Gaelic folk songs and rhymes that imitate bird songs and calls in different archives in Scotland. This website has been a fantastic resource. I recommend searching 'Cainnt nan Eun' recordings made by John Lorne Campbell of Annie Johnston in the 1930s, now housed in Canna House, on the Isle of Canna.

Alastair McIntosh McIntosh is an inspiring writer from The Isle Of Lewis, Scotland. His website contains his entire back catalogue of writing on human ecology which he defines as "the study of and participation in the relationships between the natural environment and the social environment". He also is involved with the Centre for Human Ecology and the GalGael Trust, both inspirational projects based in Glasgow.

Cape Farewell Cape Farewell is a multi-dimensional project that began over ten years ago, bringing together people from different disciplines and backgrounds to share insights, stimulating the production of art informed by climate science. Sea Change is the name of their current programme of research in Scotland which I am honored to be involved with.

New Networks for Nature This is a growing network of artists, conservationists, scientists and writers whose work draws on the natural environment. They hold an annual symposium making connections across disciplines in order to explore new perspectives. The next one is later this year.

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