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Watch video documentation of an installation by the composer and artist Paul Panhuysen

Nick Cain reviews Pendulum Change Ringing in The Wire 367: "As the velocities of the pendulums ebb and flow, a clattering cacophony builds and recedes, and clusters of rhythmic synchronicity appear at random intervals, with overtones beating and harmonics meshing in oscillating patterns. The conceptual significance of the choice of materials – the contrast between the ornately decorative platters and the mundane, functional bins – remains unclear. But assessed on a purely sonic basis, this is an astute piece of work."

Paul Panhuysen's Pendulum Change Ringing installation was exhibited at Hasselt, Belgium's Pand Koloniale Waren in 2012, organised by Kunstencentrum Belgie (Koen Vanderhoudt). A recording of it has been released on LP by Edition Telemark