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Ahead of a forthcoming UK appearance, the Japanese composer and saxophonist shares a recording of a recent live performance with his wind ensemble

The past few years have seen several of Yasuaki Shimizu's works repressed by labels abroad from his native Japan. US imprint Palto Flats reissued the ambient pop album by one of Shimizu's groups, Mariah, in 2015. More recently, solo works such as Kakashi (1982) and Music For Commercials (1987) have also been redistributed amongst a fresh audience with more to come

This performance took place at Spiral Hall, Tokyo, on 11 November 2017. The Saxophonettes was originally a solo project of Shimizu, but in 2006 the name was reinvented for an actual quintet, also featuring Hirokazu Hayashida, Ryoko Egawa, Ryota Higashi and Hiroshi Suzuki.

Yasuaki Shimizu will appear with Carl Stone at LSO St Luke's on 8 July. Read an interview with the composer in The Wire 413. Subscribers can access the full article via the online archive.