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View a set of exclusive film clips illustrating the extreme environmental audio-visual work of Carlos Casas

View a selection of excerpts of works by Carlos Casas discussed in this month's Cross Platform article on the Catalan audio-visual artist

End Trilogy:

film part of Patagonian Fieldworks (Fieldworks#01)

"Fieldworks are part of an ongoing experiment with ambient video and radio frequencies, like landscape video notes, I have been developing since 2000. With this work I try to capture the atmospheric qualities of a landscape through visual and audio field recordings captured on location. Using image and sound as a sort of spatial instrument, I am interested in short waves signals and VLF, their atmospheric qualities and sound. Capturing the radio waves in each of the landscapes I portray, allows me to grasp another dimension of it - a sort of enhanced perception. I am interested also in the a-synchronous randomness of the relation between soundtrack and film. I see this work as a sort of post-structural film, where documentary and experimental film manners meet."

Film part of Aral Fieldworks (Fieldworks#04)

White Night
Film part of Siberian Fieldworks (Fieldworks#10)

Fieldworks form part of the End installation taking place at Hangar Bicocca in Milan from 26 June - 7 July 2010

Cemetery (archive works)
"These films presents some of the archive works developed as a research for a future film about a cemetery of elephants. Part of the research is actually experimenting with archive film material as visual and sound matter, the research is based on classic adventure films, documentaries, Lost World literature adaptations and exotic adventure films from the golden period of adventure film. These archive works are experimental notes of some of the techniques and visions that will inhabit the film - they represent a new approach to sound and image. An overwhelming experiment with the audiovisual matter."

Elephant Bardo*
A 28 min video presented exclusively for Netmage festival 2010

* For a better viewing experience watch this video when it is completely download and in total darkness, full volume is suggested and recommended.

A film exclusive to The Wire (never before shown).

Part of this research was published in Cemetery (archive works) a DVD release for Von009, and was presented in Netmage 2010 Bologna Italy.