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Watch a live performance by Japanese poet Gozo Yoshimasu performing with Tamio Shiraishi and Cammisa Buerhaus, recorded by the musician Aki Onda.

In 2012, the musician Aki Onda shot a video of the Japanese poet and artist Gozo Yoshimasu performing with saxophonist and vocalist Tamio Shiraishi and scultor and radio artist Cammisa Buerhaus at New York City's Abrons Arts Center, organised by Issue Project Room.

Gozo Yoshimasu has been active since the 60s as a poet, performer, photographer, and filmmaker. Aki Onda says: "He is currently the most well known poet in Japan and has received national prizes. Yet he is the most provocative enfant terrible in the field and keeps producing a large body of work in different media. The Wire's readers might know him because of his long term relationship with Masayuki Takayanagi and some other free jazz legends, which he discussed in an interview that I did with him. But, other than that, his work is still largely unknown in the music field."

Yoshimasu will be showing his films at Cafe Oto on 27 March, and opening an exhibition, As Though Tatooing On My Mind, at Daiwa Foundation on 1 April.

Video shot by Aki Onda and edited by Fields Harrington.