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Watch a film by Kathy Alberici and Martha Jurksaitis. Alberici is featured in an article by Dan Barrow in The Wire 359.

Alberici says " film, so much of our experience is shaped by sound, as opposed to dialogue, yet it is rarely the primary focus of our attention.... I think that Foley [sound] is a perfect example of discontinuity: the ear is tricked into associating a sound and a visual that are not concurrent. It’s an aural illusion. And not only that, but it changes our perception of the visual, by pulling out certain elements of a scene, manipulating our attention to enhance the story."

Born in the UK, improvising violinist and field recordist Kathy Alberici studied classical music in her teens, but soon became interested in jazz and noise forms. After a stint in New Zealand playing in the Vitamin-S improvising collective, she became involved with DJ Scotch Egg’s psych doom project Drum Eyes, and is now based in Berlin.

The Super 8 film The Garden Of Polymitas is a collaboration between Alberici and film maker Martha Jurksaitis (aka Cherry Kino) under the moniker Polymitas. The film also features guitarist Calvin Xang.

Another film by Polymitas, Sonic Portrait Of The Funkhaus Nalepastraße, will be premiered at Berlin's 2014 CTM festival (24 January–2 February), utilising the old East German state radio headquarters, a sprawling modernist building that now houses artists's studios, offices and rehearsal spaces. More information here.