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Stream a video of artist Rosanne Robertson's performance during Manchester's Noise Above Noise night. The bimonthly event series is featured in an article by Frances Morgan in The Wire 360.

The Penthouse is a studio and venue space in Manchester that, since September 2013, has been hosting an event series called Noise Above Noise, run by artists Rosanne Robertson and Debbie Sharp.

Robertson says about the space: "Some people turn up and weren’t expecting to play in a corridor, but they also realised they had to use their imaginations with the space and try to get the most out of it... The audience can walk around the set-ups and get right into what people are using, it’s one of the things people have commented on being refreshing about it – being close to what the artists are doing." Sharp adds, "A lot of the time people are used to seeing performance in galleries where it’s a clean space with a designated area for performance. But we wanted to keep that element of it being a workspace, where the audience becomes part of the work."

Robertson's Point Attachment was made using suspended and amplified sheet metal, played with objects including a vibrator, a hand held fan motor, knives, scrap metal and a clock chime mechanism.

The next Noise Above Noise event takes place at Manchester’s Penthouse on 20 February.