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Adventures In Modern Music 5 May 2011

May 2011

Hosted by Anne Hilde Neset, with a mix by artist and Shadazz label boss, Luke Fowler

The Magic State

from Spectrum
(iDEAL 7")

Technical Drawings
"Marching Band"

from The Ruined Map
(Gagarin CD)

John Maus
"Quantum Leap"

from We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves
(Upset The Rhythm CD)

Jackie O Motherfucker
"Raga Joining"

from Earth Sound System
(Fire CD)

Jonny Trunk
"Le Train Fantome"

from Study Series 06: Animation And Interpretation
(Ghost Box 7")

Meredith Monk
"Cloud Code"

from Songs Of Ascension

Jonny Trunk
"Cardboard Boxford"

(Ghost Box 7")

"New Brigade"

from New Brigade

C S Yeh
"In The Blink Of An Eye"

from In The Blink Of An Eye
(De Stijl 7")

Bill Orcutt
"All Tongues"

(Palilalia 7")

Vernon and Burns
"Radnor Street 1:45am (Doorway Amnesia)"

from Mort Aux Vaches
(Mort Aux Caches CD)

Phil Lesh + Ned Lagin
"Seastones Part 1"

from Seastones
(Round Records LP)

Tonight At Noon
"Drill Ye Tarriers, Drill"

from Tonight At Noon
(Stretch LP)

Conrad Schnitzler
"Blau Bonus"

from Blau
(Marginal Talent CD)

People In Control
"When Its War"

from People In Control
(Crammed Disc CD)

Eric La Casa
"Part 3"

from Les Oscillations
(Fringes CD)

Duncan Williamson
"The Golden Vanity"

from My And My Old Horse
(No Label CD)

"Helle Melange"

from Curiosum

Harry Deerness

(No Label CD-R)

"Acid In The Style Of David Tudor"

from Acid In The Style Of David Tudor
(Editions Mego CD)

"Sommer, Part One"

from Sirius (Electonic Music Version)
(Stockhausen Verlag CD)

Franco Battiato
"No U-Turn"

from CLiC
(Island CD)

Rude Pravo
"Melting Man"

from The Heteradelph's Daughter
(Shadazz LP)

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