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Adventures In Modern Music 8 December 2011

December 2011

Hosted by Anne Hilde Neset, with a special mix by Ed Atkins (featured in The Wire 332)

Lou Reed & Metallica
"Mistress Dread"

from Lulu
(Vertigo CD)

Michael Cole and Michael Jesset
"Fingermouse Theme"

from Fingerbobs
(Trunk Records CD)

Dean McPhee
"Power of Nines"

from Son Of The Black Peace
(Blast First Petite CD)

Michael Chapman
"Rabbit Hills"

from Growing Pains 3
(Market Square CD)

Christian Wolff
"For Piano 1"

from Kompositionen 1950-1972
(Editions RZ CD)

Adrian Corker
"Snake Time Rhythm"

from Way Of The Morris OST

Michael Cole and Michael Jesset
"Fingermouse Plays The Organ"

from Fingerbobs
(Trunk Records CD)

Dustin Wong
"Toe Tore Oh"

from Dreams Say, View, Create, Shadow Leads
(Thrill Jockey CD)

John Zorn
"Christmas Time is Here"

from A Dreamer's Christmas
(Tzadik CD)

Chris Watson
"Sierra Tarahumara"

from El Tren Fantasma
(Touch CD)


from Waldgeschichten

"Cloister Bell Blues"

from My Memories Of Gallifrey

Sandro Perri

from Impossible Spaces
(Constellation CD)

from Zebulon
(Deep Medi DL)

John Zorn
"Visions of Dionysus"

from The Satyr's Play; Cerberus
(Tzadik CD)

Tim Hecker
"No Drums"

from Ravedeath, 1972
(Kranky CD)

Julianna Barwick
"Envelop 1"

from The Magic Place
(Asthmatic Kitty CD)

Pietro Riparbelli
"Orvieto Dome"

from 4 Churches
(Touch CD)


from 33
(Northern Spy 7")


from R+B=?
(Ghostly International DL)

Eric Copeland
"UFOS over vampire city"

from Whorehouse Blues
(Post Present Medium 7")

Boyce + Matmos + Willits

from Subconscious Attraction Strategies
(Overlap DL)

Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer

from Re: ECM

Bill Callahan
"Baby's Breath"

from Apocalypse
(Drag City CD)

Nico Muhly
"Miserere Mei, Deus"

from Seeing Is Believing
(Decca CD)

Ben Frost and Daniel Bjarnason

from Solaris
(Bedroom Community DL)

"Crystal Echo"

from Glass Swords
(Warp CD)


from Glacial Glow
(Weird Forest)

Fire! with Jim O'Rourke
"By Whom" and "Why Am I Previously Unreleased?"

from Unreleased
(Rune Grammofon LP)


from Claire Denis Film Scores 1996–2009
(Constellation DL)

Oneohtrix Point Never

from Replica
(Software/V2 CD)

Rhys Chatham
"Corn Maiden's Rite"

from Outdoor Spell
(Northern Spy CD)

Vladislav Delay

from Latoma EP
(Echocord DL)

Sandro Perri
"Love and Light"

from Impossible Spaces

The Magic ID
"Atmospheres Of A Beginning"

from Till My Breath Gives Out
(Erstwhile CD)

National Youth Choir Of Great Britain
"In Dulci Jubilo"

from A Concert For Christmas

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