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Adventures In Sound And Music 24 September 2015

September 2015

Hosted by Derek with special guest Simon Reynell of Another Timbre label – talking about improvised music, contemporary composition and the blooming connections and cross-talk between the two. Sounds from Jürg Frey, Derek Bailey, Linda Catlin Smith, Magnus Granberg, Marc Sabat and more

"Tune Five"
from Tunes Without Measure Or End

Laurence Crane
from Chamber Works 1992–2009
(Another Timbre)

Jürg Frey
"Circular Music No 2"
from Wandelweiser Und So Weiter
(Another Timbre)

Derek Bailey
"Drop Me Off At 96th"
from Drop Me Off At 96th

Linda Catlin Smith
"Moi Qui Tremblais"
from Memory Forms

Magnus Granberg
"How Deep is the Ocean, How High is the Sky?"
from How Deep Is The Ocean, How High Is The Sky?
(Another Timbre)

Marc Sabat
"Jean-Philippe Rameau"
(No label)

Marek Poliks
"Treader Always In Station"
(No label)

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