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Adventures In Modern Music 23 October 2008

Hosted by Edwin Pouncey. With a special guest mix by COH


Bruce Springsteen
Dream Baby Dream

(Blastfirstpetite 10’)

Kevin Ayers
Dreaming Doctor

From What More Can I Say…
(Reel Recordings CD)

Nimrod Workman
Shady Grove

From I Want To Go Where Things Are Beautiful
(2s & Fews CD)

Total, Occultic, Mechanical, Blasphemy
The Inauguration

From Macabre Noize Royale
(Todestrieb CD)

Ijahman Levi
I Am A Levi Part 2

From Basic Replay
(Basic Replay CD)

Zoot Alures

From Joe’s Corsage
(Vaulternative Records CD)

Prince Jazzbo
Replay Version

From Basic Replay
(Basic Replay CD)

Aiden Baker & Tim Hecker
Fantasma Parastasie

From Fantasma Parastasie
(Alien8 Recordings CD)

Sun Ra
Reflects Motion

From Secrets Of The Sun
(Unheard Music Series CD)

Dream Baby Dream

(Blastfirstpetite 10”)


Special Guest Mix: COH

(short intro) Koji Endo - Takashi Miike's DOA3 soundtrack

1. Igor Koshkendey "Song Of Oidupah" vs Einzelgänger "Percussiv" (Moroder'75)
2. Orkestar Slobodana Salijevicha - Stani, stani Ibar vodo
3. unknown artist. A Thai song.
4. Lucy Monostone - Strange New World
5. Shaban Bajramovich- Pelno me sam
6. Maia Barouh - Utsukushii Tennen

intermezzos are cellphone signal/song from Miike's ONE LAST CALL

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