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Adventures In Modern Music 24 April 2008

Hosted by Derek Walmsley, with a special guest mix by Strategy

I Can C U

from Soulfood Volume 3
(no label CD)

Model 500
Techno Music (M500 Version)

from Classics
(R&S CD)

The Fall
Alton Towers

from Imperial Wax Solvent
(Sanctuary CD)

Religious Knives
Everything Happens Twice

from Resin
(No Fun Productions CD)

Charles Gayle/William Parker/Rashied Ali
Cry Nu

from By Any Means
(Ayler 2xCD)

*** Strategy mix
Marc Barreca
The Wendigo

from Twilight LP
(Palace Of Lights)

G.X. Jupitter-Larsen
Crickets In The Hollywood Subway 7"

(Little Enjoyer)

Chris Herbert
As Blue As Your Eyes Lover

Split 7" with Felix
(Low Point)

Anaon, The Oasis

from Herd Of Instinct LP

Marion Brown
Afternoon Of A Georgia Faun

from Afternoon Of A Georgia Faun LP

Portland Bike Ensemble
Excerpt from S/T LP

(Olde English Spelling Bee)

Vladislav Delay
unknown title

Kind Of Blue 12" EP

Severed Heads

from Since The Accident LP
(Ink Records)

Cabaret Voltaire
Seconds Too Late 7"

(Rough Trade)

Glissandro 70
Analogue Shantytown

from Glissandro 70 LP

Green Pickles Feat. Billy Lo & M. Pittman
Feedback 12"

(Sound Signature)

Thomas Brinkmann

from Klick 12"

Grey Pavilion

from International Combat Compilation 12"
(Citizenes Paralles)


Warner Jepson

from Totentanz And Other Electronic Works 1958-1973
(Melon Expander 2xCD)

Ryoji Ikeda
Test Pattern 0001

from Test Pattern
(Raster Noton CD)

Ryoji Ikeda
Test Pattern 0002

from Test Pattern
(Raster Noton CD)

Alice's Ladder

from The Siren's Wave
(Locust CD)

Lau Nau

from Nukkuu
(Locust CD)

Choeurs D’Enfants
Baba Yaga La Sorciere

from Baba Yaga La Sorciere
(Seventh Records CD)

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