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Adventures In Modern Music 2 December 2010

December 2010

Hosted by Lisa Blanning with a special mix by Oneohtrix Point Never

"Unborn Vectors"

from Hume/Unborn Vectors
(Mordant Music 12")

"Laudanum Tusk"

from En Form For Blå

Charanjit Singh
"Raga Megh Malhan"

from Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat
(Bombay Connection CD)

Mark Fell
track 13

from Mutability
(Raster-Noton CD)

Oneohtrix Point Never mix:
1. Run Dmt - "We Need A Father"
2. Brother Raven - "Raiderz"
3. Dj Screw - "Young In The Game"
4. Orlando Kimber/John Keliehor - "Heavenly Clouds"
5. Clara Mondshine - "Lo And Li"
6. Oni Ayhun - "Oar004-A"
7. Laurel Halo - "Radio People Vs. Physical Therapy Edit"
8. Flower-Corsano Duo - "One More Bar For The Road"
9. James Ferraro - "Chrome Wave Arena"

Demdike Stare
"Viento De Levante"

from Tryptych
(Modern Love 3xCD)

DJ Roc
"DJ Roc Symphony"

from The Crack Capone
(Planet Mu CD)

Jahtari & Pupa Jim
"I Am A Robot"

from I Am A Robot
(Maffi 7")

Bumblebee Unlimited
"I've Got A Big Bee" (John Morales Mix)

from Bob Blank – The Blank Generation: Blank Tapes NYC 1975-1985
(Strut CD)

Paris Suit Yourself

from My Main Shitstain
(Big Dada CD)

Roscoe Mitchell & The Note Factory
"Trio Four For Eight" (excerpt)

from Far Side

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