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Adventures In Modern Music 19 March 2009

March 2009

Hosted by Susanna Glaser. With a special guest mix by The Caretaker


Slim And Slam
The Flat Fleet Floogie

from Teenage - The Creation Of Youth compiled by Jon Savage
(Trikont CD)

Anna McCarthy
My Generation

from Tribute to Gustav Metzger
(Intermedium Records 2xCD)

Venetian Snares
Chasing The Yoghurt Truck

from Filth
Planet Mu

LCD Soundsystem
Watch The Tapes

from Brand Neu!
(Feraltone CD)

Das Bierbeben
Wie Ein Vogel

from Das Bierbeben
(Shitkatapult CD)

Alexis O'Hara
Getting Drunk With The Cat In An Apartment With Too Many Mirrors

from Music For Breakups
(unreleased 3" CD)

Track 9

from Acid In The Style of David Tudor
(Editions Mego CD)

Yo Majesty
Don't Let Go


You Are Amen

from Milky Disco 2: Let's Go Freak Out
Lo Recordings


Special Guest Mix:

The Caretaker - Recollections from Old London Town

The Caretaker - Unreleased Memory (1998)
Leyland Kirby - Days In The Wilderness (Excerpts)
The Stranger - Kirkbymoorside
The Caretaker - In The Swing Of Things (Unreleased)
The Caretaker - Cerebral Haemorrhage
The Caretaker - Memory 82
The Stranger - Kirkbymoorside (Reprisal)
The Caretaker - Von Restorff Effect
The Caretaker - Deleted Scenes/Forgotten Dreams
The Caretaker - Unmasking Alzheimer's (Unreleased Mix)
The Caretaker - Unreleased Memory (2009)
The Caretaker - London Town You Haunt Me Night And Day

Download the mix in its entirety here


Olive Oil
But No Enough

The Definitive Japanese Scene Vol. 1
(Mule Musiq CD)

Sleepy Time - Mocky Feat. Actuels Quartet

from Saskamodie
(Crammed Discs CD)

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