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Adventures In Sound And Music 7 November 2013: A Tribute To Lou Reed (1942–2013)

November 2013

Chris Bohn hosts a special edition of our Thursday evening slot on Resonance FM, celebrating the music of the late, great Lou Reed.

Angel Corpus Christi
“Louie Louie”
from Louie Louie

Metal Machine Trio
“Part Two, Night 1”
from The Creation Of The Universe
(Sister Ray Recordings)

Lou Reed/Laurie Anderson/John Zorn
“Untitled 2”
from The Stone: Issue Three

Lou Reed
“Temporary Thing”
from Rock And Roll Heart

Lou Reed
“Street Hassle”
from Street Hassle

Angel Corpus Christi
“Disco Mystic”
from Louie Louie

Lou Reed
“I Want To Boogie With You”
from The Bells

Lou Reed
“Legendary Hearts”
from Legendary Hearts

Moe Tucker
“Hey Mersh”
from Life In Exile After Abdication

Plastic People Of The Universe
“I’m Waiting For My Man”
from Trouble Every Day

Jun Togawa
“All Tomorrow’s Parties”
from 20th
(God Ocean)

“Little Sister”
from Chelsea Girl

Lou Reed
“Like A Possum”
from Ecstasy

Click here to read Mark E Smith, Carla Bozulich, Byron Coley, Alexander Hacke, Alan Licht, Bruce Russell, Irmin Schmidt and others remembering Reed.


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