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Adventures In Modern Music 20 October 2011: Music from the Lost Worlds special

October 2011

A special edition presenting rare ethnographic recordings from the collection of writer, musician and Wire contributor David Toop. Also available on Soundcloud.

All artists are uncredited and tracks untitled, unless otherwise stated

Korean Confucian Music
(Universal Record Co LP, Korea)

A Jaeng Sanjo
“Jin Yang Jo”

(Asia Record Co LP, Korea)

“Yirrkala: Mortuary Ceremony For The Removal Of The Spirit Of The Deceased”
Recorded Yirrkala Mission, 1962

from Songs From The Northern Territory
(Australian Institute Of Aboriginal Studies LP, 1964)

’Eke pan pipe ensemble
Solomon Islands, recorded Hugo Zemp

from ‘Are ‘Are: Flutes De Pan Mélanésiennes, Malaita
(Collection Musée De l’Homme, Disques Vogue LP, 1971)

Music Of Ainus
(Seven Seas LP, Japan 1974)

Music Of Ainus
(Seven Seas LP, Japan 1974)

“Luklukvia (Seven Transverse Flutes And Hour-Glass Drum)”
Latmul, recorded 1972

from Papua Niugini: Music Of The Middle Sepik
(Musicaphon LP)

Yang Sze-chak
“Water Lily”

Recorded by John Levy circa 1968
from Chinese Classical Music
BBC Records LP

Buddhist chant
(JVC Japan LP)

Somba funeral ceremony
Recorded Simha Arom, 1973

from Ceremonial Music from Northern Dahomey
(Philips Unesco Collection LP, 1974)

Nang Suy
K’mu song

Recorded Jacques Brunet near Luang Prabang, Laos, 1972
(Galloway Records LP, France)

“Invitation To A Kill (Two Males, Whispering)”
Recorded Michael J Harner, 1956-57

from Music Of The Jivaro Of Ecuador
(Ethnic Folkways LP)

“Song Of Sea Weed”
from Inuit Throat And Harp Songs: Eskimo Women’s Music Of Povungnituk
(Canadian Music Heritage Collection LP, 1980)

Gitonga singing horns, Mozambique,
Recorded by Hugh Tracey

from The Music Of Africa – Musical Instruments 4. Flutes & Horns
(Kaleidophone, 1972)

“Drumbeat To Summon Deities”
Recorded by Huston Smith in 1968

from The Music of Tibet: The Tantric Rituals
(Anthology Record & Tape Corporation LP, 1970)

Recorded by Jacques Brunet in 1972

from Java: Gamelans from the Sultan’s Palace in Jogjakarta
(Archiv Produktion LP, 1973)

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