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Adventures In Modern Music 26 June 2008

Hosted by Susanna Glaser. With a special guest mix by Blevin Blectum


People Under The Stairs
Invisible Blunt

from The Om Years
(Om Hiphop Promo CD)

Tobias Schmidt
Taking Liberties

from Seed Records Volume 2
(Seed Records CD)

Little Acorns

from Blood Looms and Blooms
(Warp CD)

Poison Diamonds

from Adventure

Smile Down Upon Us
Girl Of A Skin Coloured Blanket No 2

from Smile Down Upon Us
(Static Caravan CD)

One Of Us

from Object 47
(pinkflag CD)

Metaliuna (Vital Sand Pit Remix by Psapp)

from Prisoner of the Seven Pines
(Domino Records EP)

Chemical Chords

from Chemical Chords
(4AD Promo CD)

Augias Amena
Acid Sensation

from Compilado Jacobino Discos V.2
(no label)


José Ayala
Vicki Bennett
Christopher Byler
Alec Dartley and family
Iris Garrelfs
Pea Hicks
Michael Kaufmann
Jonathan Leidecker
Alan MX
China Miéville
Heidi Mortenson
Matt Smear
Damian Swarbrick
Jane Townley

All unreleased with the exception of 'Real Live Escargot' which is off of the album "Gular Flutter", Blevin Blectum, Aagoo 2008

1. 00:00 - 03:56
Plaster Castle, Live Edit from KZSU in Stanford, CA, June 6 2008 (original appears on 'The Messy Jesse Fiesta', Blectum from Blechdom, Aagoo 2000)

2. 03:57 - 05:49
London Percussion / Oslo Birds, unreleased, May 2008

3. 05:50 - 12:20
Denouement or Last Track, Live Edit from KZSU in Stanford, CA, June 6 2008 (original appears on 'Magic Maple', Blevin Blectum, Praemedia 2004)

4. 12:21 - 14:00
The Transparency Room is Downstairs, unreleased, June 2008

5. 14:01 - 16:07
RemixAMX, (edit of Alan MX remixed by Blevin Blectum, 2008, to be released later in conjunction with Alan MX's full-length release)

6. 16:08 - 21:14
Entrenched Walking, (appears on 'Silk Ears from Sow's Purses', Blevin Blectum, not yet released 2008)

7. 21:15 - 22:24
Round and Rounder, unreleased, June 2008

8. 22:25 - 27:53
Real Live Escargot (appears on 'Gular Flutter', Blevin Blectum, released July 2nd 2008)

9. 27:54 - 30:00
End of Transparency, unreleased, June 2008

Oslo, NO
London, UK
Providence, RI, USA
Aarhus, DK
North Fork, CA, USA
Poznan, PL
Venice, IT


Roots Manuva
Buff Nuff

(Big Dada CD)

Scorch Trio!

from Brolt!
(Rune Grammofon)

Free Fall

from The Point In A Line
(Smalltown Supersound)

Altered Beast

White Fields and Open Devices
(Cuckundoo Records)

Porn Sword Tobacco
Feminin Arkitektur

from Gothenburg 08

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