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Adventures In Sound And Music 11 June 2015

June 2015

Listen again to last night's show on Resonance FM: a user’s guide to Keiji Haino with special guest Alan Cummings, hosted by Chris Bohn – accompanying a Primer on Japan's own man in black in The Wire 377

from Tokyo Flashback 2

Kan Mikami/Motoharu Yoshizawa/Keiji Haino
“リゴー遺稿集より” (“Rigaut Ikōshū Yori”)
from Live In The First Year Of Heisei Vol 2

Keiji Haino
“おれのありか” (“Ore No Arika”)
from Watashi Dake?

Keiji Haino
“Blushes Of The Holy Beast”
from The Soul’s True Love, “Suite Reverberation: The Third Heart”
(Purple Trap)

“If I Had Been Showered In Gold Blood, Wouldn’t My Prayer Have Been Answered?”
from Gold Blood
(Charnel Music)

Keiji Haino & Masataka Fujikake
“三度目のため(間合い)の取り方で この速さは救われる” (“Sandome no tame (Maai) no torikata de kono hayasa wa sukuwareru”)
from Hard O Nanjujo Sasetara Hikari No Tsubu Ga Oritsugu No Ka?

Keiji Haino
“Rudra Vina”
from Tokyo Flashback 4

Keiji Haino
“落ちてこないかな” (“Will It Fall”)
from First, Let’s Remove The Colour

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