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Adventures In Modern Music 7 April 2011

April 2011

Hosted by Anne Hilde Neset, with a mix by Stephen O'Malley

Kurosh Yagmahei

from Back From The Brink: Pre Revolutionary Psychedelic Rock From Iran 1973–1979
(Now Again/Stones Throw CD)

The Sea And Cake
"The Moonlight Butterfly"

from The Moonlight Butterfly
(Thrill Jockey CD)

"Feminine Eye"

from Mind Bokeh
(Warp CD)


from Absolutes
(Load CD)

Maria Minerva
"10 Little Rock Chicks Listening To Neu!"

from Tallin At Dawn
(Not Not Fun MC)

Ciccone Youth
"Two Cool Rock Chicks Listening To Neu!"

from The Whitey Album
(Blast First CD)

"Stop Machine"

from Stop Machine
(Slowfoot CD)

Peter Evans

from Ghosts
(More Is More CD)

The Sea And Cake

from The Moonlight Butterfly
(Thrill Jockey CD)

Captain Beefheart
"When I See A Mommy I Feel Like A Mummy"

from Bat Chain Puller
(bootleg CD)


"Infernal Abomination Of Death"

from Black Putrescence Of Evil
(Nuclear Winter CD)

Grave Miasma

from Exalted Emanation EP
(Sepulchral Voice CD)

Black Majesty
"From The Kingdoms Of Edom"

from Come Ye Forth/Seventh King Of Edom
(Death Rituals 7")

Bastard Priest
"From Beyond"

from Merciless Insane Death
(Zombie Ritual MC)

Dead Congregation
"Morbid Paroxysm"

from Graves Of The Archangels
(Nuclear War Now! LP)

Sonne Adam
"I Dream The Devil Sign"

from Armed With Hammers EP
(Imperium Records 7")

"The Dying Misted In The Bloodstream"

from Swallowed
(Emptiness Records 7")

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