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Adventures In Modern Music 07 February 2008

Hosted by Susanna Glaser. With a 30-minute guest playlist by Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip


Felix Kubin und das Mineralorchester:

from Music For Radio And Theatre Play
(Dekorder CD)

Masha Qrella
Goodnight Lovers

from Monika Barchen: Songs For Bruno, Knut & Tom
(Monika Enterprises CD)

Vivien Goldman

from Disco Not Disco
(Strut CD)

The Accidental
Knock Knock

from There Were Wolves
(Full Time Hobby CD)

Essie Jain

from We Made This Ourselves
(The Leaf Label CD)

Hang On The Box
You Hate Me But I Love You

from Shanghai
(emailed MP3)

Justus Kohncke

from Safe And Sound
(Kompakt CD)


by Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip

Terry Riley: A Dog Barks At Midnight

Michael Nyman: Mozart

The Carter Family: No More the Moon Shines on Lorena

Dan Penn: Nobody's Fool

Chuck Berry: Downbound Train

Zongamin: #2

Herbie Hancock: Rain Dance

Richard and Linda Thompson: First Light (demo version)

Brian Degraw: Untitled (from Sonic The Warhol soundtrack)

Joseph Spence & The Pindar Family: I Bid You Good Night


Felix Kubin

from Music For Radio And Theatre Play
(Dekorder CD)

Baby Dee
Bad Kidneys

from Safe Inside The Day
(Drag City CD)

Girl Talk
Summer Smoke

from Nightripper
(Illegal Art CD)

Silje Nes
Third Remove

from Yellow EP
(Fat Cat CD)

Chris Clark
Volcan Veins

Turning Dragon
(Warp CD)

Baby Dee
A Christmas Jig for a Three Legged Cat

from Safe Inside The Day
(Drag City CD)

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