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Adventures In Sound And Music Wire 400 Special hosted by Gustave Evrard

May 2017

Continuing our Wire 400 series on Resonance FM, Gustave Evrard dedicated the show to some of his favourite Wire featured artists from 1986 archive issues, the year he was born. The programme took place on 25 May and with music by Joe Henderson, Laurie Anderson, Mahmoud Ahmed and more

“Mdlles Steinberg”
From Egg Of Purana

Weather Report
From Weather Report

“Palms Crossed In Sorrow”
From Zamia Lehmanni (Songs Of Byzantine Flowers)
(Side Effects)

Cecil Taylor Quartet
“African Violets”
From Looking Ahead!
(Contemporary Records)

Lee Morgan
“Desert Moonlight”
From The Rumproller
(Blue Note)

Joe Henderson
“Our Thing”
From Our Thing
(Blue Note)

Pierre Favre Ensemble
“Frog Song”
From Singing Drums

Peter Cusack & Clive Bell
From Birds Jumps Into Wood
(Bead Records)

Mahmoud Ahmed
“Bemin Sebeb Litlash”
From Ere Mela Mela
(Crammed Discs)

Ambitious Lovers
“Too Many Mansions”
From Envy
(Editions EG)

From Temporary Music (1979-1981)

Laurie Anderson
From Mister Heartbreak
(Warner Bros.)

Bill Laswell
“Upright Man”
From Baselines

The Fall
“Bug Day”
From The Wonderful And Frightening World Of The Fall
(Beggars Banquet)

Savage Republic
“Next To Nothing”
From Tragic Figures
(Independent Project Records)

17 Pygmies
“Tropical Grasslands”
From Jedda By The Sea
(Resistance Records)

Charles Mingus
“Original Faubus Fables”
From Presents Charles Mingus

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