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See an exclusive film by Graham Dolphin originally shown at an exhibition in Copenhagen in 2009. Dolphin's Inner Sleeve article is featured in The Wire 311.

In The Pines uses footage from the only known film of Leadbelly (Three Songs). To this Graham has added audio from a version of In The Pines by Leadbelly. The footage and audio are repeated and layered with each film starting a fraction of a second apart. It was made for an exhibition called In The Pines, David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen earlier this year. This has been its only showing to date.

Credits: Graham Dolphin's In The Pines (2009). Single channel digital film with soundtrack. Courtesy of Graham Dolphin and Seventeen gallery, London.

Brian Jones Joujouka Very Stoned video

View an exclusive preview of Brian Jones Joujouka Very Stoned by Daragh McCarthy featuring a live performance by The Master Musicians Of Joujouka at the Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival in Morocco.

Video: Global Ear Hanoi

Watch "Duo Noise" with Nguyen Manh Hung and Vu Nhat Tan, featured in Daniel Neilson's article about the music scene in Hanoi in The Wire 307.

Watch Aki Onda's Lost City

Watch an exclusive excerpt from Aki Onda's Cinemage project. Onda is featured in an article by Clive Bell in The Wire 307.

Sleazy video

View the screen projection of Sleazy Peter Christopherson's version of Lama Gyurme's "Offering Chant"

Video: Bora Yoon performance

View an exclusive video clip of Bora Yoon performing in New York City. Yoon is featured in an article by Kurt Gottschalk in The Wire 304.