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Phill Niblock retrospective in Switzerland

A retrospective of Phill Niblock's work opens in Switzerland at the end of this month, at the Elysée Lausanne and the Circuit gallery. The latter includes re-edited and remastered versions of Niblock's 16mm film and video series The Movement Of People Working (1973–1991) originally recorded to take the place of dancers at Niblock's performances. The films (which amount to over 25 hours of footage) will be accompanied by Niblock's minimalist drone pieces, and include footage shot in Peru, Hong Kong, South Africa, Lesotho, Portugal, Brazil, Hungary, China, Japan, Sumatra and Romania. The Elysée Lausanne hosts the main body of the exhibition, which includes Niblock's photographs, films, installations and recorded music.

Niblock, best known for his minimalist drone compositions, began his career as a photographer, shooting jazz musicians including Ellington, Mingus and Max Roach. In the 60s he moved on to work in experimental film, shooting for choreographers and working with Sun Ra, before starting to compose his own acoustic drone music, which has since been released by Touch and on XI, the label for his own organisation Experimental Intermedia, which he started in the 70s.

Nothin' But Working: Phill Niblock, A Retrospective, takes place at Elysée Lausanne 30 January–12 May. More details here.