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Tape Crackers

Derek Walmsley

I'll be doing a Q&A with film maker Rollo Jackson and pirate radio tape hoarder Michael Finch at the screening of Jackson's film Tape Crackers at London’s ICA tomorrow. The doc is an oral history of Jungle, told through Finch’s tapes which he recorded while growing up in Islington, North London, but it's also an untold (or more accurately unheard) history of UK underground music of the last 10 years – Jungle, Garage and Grime are all knitted into the story through the MCs and DJs who manned the decks and mics. Movers of the underground today such as Riko Dan and B Live are on some of the tapes played in the film. The D90s might be dusty but this music still sounds ultra-crisp.

Warning, may contain: late days of Dream FM, middle days of Kool FM/MC Ruff and DJ Uproar on Dream FM/MC Fize and DJ Swiftly/Riko Dan on Pressure FM/Evil B on Rude FM/DJ Target and Maxwell D on Rinse FM/DJ Brockie, MC Five-O and MC Moose on Kool FM in 1993/DJ SL with Strings, Koji and Flinty Badman (Ragga Twins) + Deman Rockers

The event is sold out but this is a free event with pre-booking, so there may be returns on the door. Jeremy Gibson of the University of East London will introduce the film, and there'll be a DJ spinning some 12"s in the bar, too.

For more deets: Tape Crackers at the ICA

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